In the spotlight

Wine Tasting

We are happy to announce that the winery tasting room is open. Rapidly our ideas have transformed into walls and windows.


Lady of the vine

Coyotes live in San Diego County and in abundance in our area. The coyote captured the essence of the property we planted our grapes on, even from the very first day when I saw him perched on a rock pile yapping at the moon. They sing to each other every night, they entertain us during the day as we watch for them on the roads and in the vineyards. We know when our grapes are ripe because they help themselves. In return, they keep our ever-growing rodent population in their sights. The coyote was chosen for our wine label because he lives with us, and is a part of daily lives. The beautiful statue that stands in the center of our vineyard we call “Lady of the Grapes”. She looks toward a lake that was created to hold recycled Ramona water. The lake is part of the Ramona Grasslands and is home to many water loving birds. We are fortunate to have such a beautiful view, and to live among golden eagles, owls and so many other birds. Lady of the Grapes is holding a cluster of grapes in the hope that people can harvest the fruit of nature. She stands on a pile of rocks to reminds us that we must plant our grapes with the blessing of Mother Nature, and hopefully we can capture in our wines the beauty and joy of life.

Wine Club

Join our Wine Club

Become a member, receive discounts, and have handcrafted wine shipped to your home on a quarterly basis. Download the

Highland Hills Wine Club Application (PDF)


Wine Making

We have completed the finishing touches on the white wines and are bottling this month.

bottles image winemaking image wine barrels image

Latest News from the Winery

  • Our perception of the Ramona wine scene is that its rapidly growing and under-appreciated.   There are about a dozen tasting rooms and probably twice that many “boutique” wineries.  A guesstimate puts the appellation with 100 producing acres.  Many of the wineries are producing very good wines.   Our consistent impression is that the wine public is Continue Reading

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  • This is our recommendation for a irrigation punch tool. We use an all white one, and actually have an extra just incase the gremlins “borrow” one.  If you are installing more than 50 drip irrigation points, this is the tool for you. Matt

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  • Typical weather in May in Ramona will have highs in the 80s, and lows in the high 40s or low 50s.  It’s a great time of the year at the vineyard.   We are approximately 1000 feet higher than most of suburban San Diego and Orange County.  Most visitors have different expectations of the climate when Continue Reading

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